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Videos - 2016

The Truth About Cancer!!! Alkaline water, Baking Soda, Ginger, Turmeric and Cannabis are all Cancer Killers!!!

How to make Colloidal Silver for pennies

Heal Cancer With Ginger!!!!

Natures Muscle With Russell - Episode 4 - Probiotics

The Truth About Free Energy!!!! Nikola Tesla

Meditation Mindfulness and Affirmations

The Alexander Technique - Book Review 2016

How to grow lemon trees - Natures muscle with Russell Ep 1

How to heal your teeth naturally

How to grow ginger root

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Look at things without any opinion, otherwise you'll never look at reality, look at things without any philosophy, without any prejudice, without any dogma, creed or scripture, just look, without arrogance and see the cause of ignorance, it overstands

Change is necessary to evolution. The universe contains incredible diversity and you cannot experience it all within the confines of one comfortable lifestyle. Look ahead to what you will think of your life at it's end. You will probably not want to look back and say it was cozy and dull. Thus, react positively to what seems to be disaster. Remember that what seems how to be disaster may be an important step toward evolution and may even be identifiable as such at some point in the future. Every great loss takes you out of a rut and starts life a new. Be grateful for the time you had and your former happy state. And look forward eagerly to the new phase

Information age.

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